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Contribution Guidelines

We use the Agile/Lean methodology of software development. This means we keep things as simple as possible and create iterative designs, with an MVP first and then constantly improve the project from this point on.
Volunteer developers are able to work their own chosen hours and to work remotely from anywhere in the world. Developers can either choose what tasks they would like to work on or if they wish they can be assigned tickets for needed features. Each project at The Muses has its own documentation, which describes needed features.
If you need any further info or would like to be given access to be a contributor please visit The Muses and speak to our chatbot or send an email to [email protected] and we will get you on board.

Github Etiquette

When using GitHub, The Muses uses the following pattern:
1. Fork the repository to your GitHub account and create a new branch off the “develop” branch, naming the branch with your name and a description of what you are doing, then complete the objective of this task.
2. Push the changes to your GitHub repository and then create a pull request to The Muses repository.
3. The branch will be reviewed, if there are no changes that need to be made then the branch will be accepted into the develop branch to be tested on the staging website.
4. If code passes testing it will be merged into the master branch and will be pushed to the live site.