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Road Map

Platform Road Map

Stage 1: Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Creation of the MVP to distribute and aggregate educational resources.

Stage 2: Launch

Populating platform with educational resources and making it freely available to any users.

Stage 3: Gain User Feedback

Analyse user feedback to update the way forward for the platform.

Stage 4: Begin on going iterative design

Using user feedback and research, continuously update and improve the platform to make education easier and more accessible for learners.

MVP List:


Simple Authentication for tracking of user data and to improve UI through tailored experience.
  • Users can sign up, sign in, log out.
  • Users can't use certain features without logging in (creating posts, voting/rating and commenting), however educational resources are available without registration.
Conventional Navigation for traversing website.

Viewing of Videos

Ability to watch lecture video (linked to youtube and Vimeo, external link and our own from our channel).
  • Viewing Portal
  • Connected to Links and categories in backend.

External online resources

A page of external resources and platforms where users can search for what resources are already freely available online. These resources will be vetted to confirm that they are actually
  • Logged in Users can create posts of external online resources with links to these resources.

Review online resources

Uses the users to self sort through the plethora of educational resources and help learners to find quality resources.
  • Users can rate and comment on educational resources.
  • Users can vote on external platforms and resources, which will then be sorted by number of votes.

Categorisation for filtering and searching

  • Enable adding multiple categories when creating a post.
  • Enable filtering and cross page searching for posts by category or title.


Search through resources by category, title or description.
  • Search-bars at top of page.
  • Filtering options.

Contact us and Support

Currently being implemented through an AI chatbot from

About page

Simple informational page.

Educational Road Map

Stage 1. Vocational

Due to hurdles of accreditation the largest and fastest impact from open access education will be through focusing on Vocational and skill based educations, where students can create a portfolio to prove their skills and the education that they have gained.

Stage 2. Making Educational Resources Available

The next stage is to move to more theoretical educations and to expanding into as many languages as possible. This will be an ongoing effort to providing resources and coercing institutions to open up their resources.

Stage 3. Accreditation

The Final and most difficult stage is to start mass accreditation of more theory based educations, which will allow students to get full accreditations at no cost to them.