About Cassandra

The Cassandra project is being created by The Muses non-profit organisation with the intention of distributing educational resources openly without financial costs to students. This is with the aim of equal opportunity to education for all.

About The Muses

The Muses is a non-profit organisation that is aimed at addressing the economic barriers to education and the resulting socio-economic problems that arise when there are financial restrictions to education. We are registered in the United Kingdom, but we work with volunteer developers from all over the world. Our organisation has a legally binding fiduciary responsibility to only provide social welfare and is prohibited from generating an income for any directors or managers, so we are donating our time just like everyone else. We are running various different projects at different stages, which are all attempting to tackle different facets of these educational barriers.

Our utopian education system is one where everyone has access to the educational resources and educational institutions are purely there for hands on guiding of students through the learning process, not institutions that horde their information and restrict it to the elite and wealthy.

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